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Mobile & Cell Phone Website Designs

Mobile & Cell Phone Website Designs

Custom Mobile Website Designs - Blue Sky Web WorxDonít think you need a mobile strategy? Think again. 5.3 billion people have mobile phones and a whopping 25% of US users only access the internet on their mobile device.

You need a plan. We can help.

We Know How To Make A Website For Your Mobile Strategy

With the massive number of people accessing the web using their cell phones, not having a mobile web strategy is unthinkable. We build custom mobile websites with the most requested features and functions all designed to load fast via wireless connections. Your mobile website will work on all of the most popular cell phones such as the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android cell phones, and Windows 7 Mobile cell phones.

What We Do:

We create custom designs that are made to work inside of the smaller display space mobile browsers provide. It's more than just a stripped down version of your website but mobile sites need to be simple to use and easy to find information while the user is on the go.

Our Strategy:

  1. Define the needs of your mobile strategy
  2. Consider your objectives
  3. Create your design, including your brand
  4. We keep it simple, yet effective
  5. Test & Deploy

Some Stats:

  • Did you know that 77% of people worldwide have a mobile subscription yet only 17% still have a landline?
  • 25% of web users are mobile-only web users
  • 85% of all cell phones and mobile devices world-wide have access to the web
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