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Web Design Company Blog Blue Sky Web Worx is a professional web design company, custom web development company and interactive agency with web design firm clients in every U.S. state. Our web design firm has web development clients in Des Moines, Iowa, Washington, California, South Carolina. http://bigblueskymarketing.com Sun, 24 Jun 2018 07:04:19 +0000 en-gb MARKETING HIGHLIGHT: Down Syndrome Day 2012 http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/marketing-highlight-down-syndrome-day-2012.html http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/marketing-highlight-down-syndrome-day-2012.html MARKETING HIGHLIGHT: Down Syndrome Day 2012
This is a brilliant marketing campagin designed to highlight World Down Syndrome Day 2012:

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Top Four Ways To Increase Leads Using the Web http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/top-four-ways-to-increase-leads-using-the-web.html http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/top-four-ways-to-increase-leads-using-the-web.html In our live seminar, we discuss four ways businesses can increase their leads using the web. Each of the methods includes hands-on, practical steps you can take to draw more people and traffic to your website. We show you:
  • How to create a "quality" website
  • How to think outside your website for more visibility and leads
  • Specific things you can do on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube
  • How to advertise online and use our Google Adwords ROI calculator to establish budgets and calculate profit

Look below for downloadable tools and our acutal PowerPoint slides.

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The Case for Hiring an SEO Agency http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/the-case-for-hiring-an-seo-agency.html http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/the-case-for-hiring-an-seo-agency.html Marketing Professionals has a great article explaining the benefits and advantages on why companies should hire a company like Blue Sky Web Worx to manage your SEO campaigns. Here's a quote from the article:

"There is nothing static about the SEO landscape. "[U]pdates to search algorithms can alter rankings and visibility as well as create new opportunities to help your brand stay ahead of the competition," Champion notes. For that reason, someone needs to be monitoring those changes 24/7. It's the agency's job to stay on top of developments."

Read more: http://www.marketingprofs.com/short-articles/2472/the-case-for-hiring-an-seo-agency
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Google+ Traffic Increases 55 Percent In December http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/google-traffic-increases-55-percent-in-december.html http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/google-traffic-increases-55-percent-in-december.html Google+ Traffic Increases 55 Percent In December
Social media is where people "live" online and they are increasingly adding accounts and visiting Google+. According to Hitwise, Google+ traffic increased 55% in December and the number of users has grown to an estimated 62-65 million accounts.

While Facebook is still 10 times larger in terms of number of users, Google+ is growing at an astonishing rate and should be considered an invaluable place to establish a business presence to connect with your customers, clients and constituents.

Read more on Google's growth here on CNet
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Google Analytics Adds Real-Time View of Traffic http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/google-analytics-adds-real-time-view-of-traffic.html http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/google-analytics-adds-real-time-view-of-traffic.html Analytics watchers know that the more current the data is, the quicker you can react to trends on your website, the better and it doesn't get much more current than real-time. Google has added the ability to watch your site's visitors as it happens, live. You can watch location, page views, time on site and more. The real time view can be accessed only on the new layout version on your new "Home" page.

Log into your Google Analytics account and check it out. If you need help setting up Google Analytics, give us a call and we'll set it up for you.]]>
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Top 5 Reasons We Changed Our Name http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/top-5-reasons-we-changed-our-name.html http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/top-5-reasons-we-changed-our-name.html Top 5 Reasons We Changed Our Name
With all of the excitement going on around the office of Blue Sky Web Worx regarding our name change, we wanted to take a second and explain why changed our name.

So, here's our Top 5 Reasons we changed our name from Big Blue Sky Marketing:
  1. Removed the word “big” to stop people from asking if we’re over-compensating for something. Whatever that means...
  2. To remove two extra sylables from our name.
  3. Stop our hands from cramping up while writing out our old long company name.
  4. Adding a “X” to the end of "Worx" just looks pretty darn cool.

  5. And the number one reason we changed our name...

  6. To better describe what we do.
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Google + Pages for Business Now Open for Business http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/google-pages-for-business-now-open-for-business.html http://bigblueskymarketing.com/web-design-company-blog/google-pages-for-business-now-open-for-business.html Google + Pages for Business Now Open for Business

Get Closer To Your Customers With Google+ Pages

Google+ has just launched pages that can be used for a local business or place, product or brand, company, institution or organization. The advantage for businesses is that by creating a Google+ page you increase your online visibility, increase your customer interaction potential and Google is also including Google+ business pages into their results.

"People search on Google billions of times a day, and very often, they're looking for businesses and brands," Google Senior Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra wrote. "Today's launch of Google+ Pages can help people transform their queries into meaningful connections, so we're rolling out two ways to add pages to circles from Google search."

Check out our official Google+ Page here:

You can learn more at these links:

Google's Official Announcement
Getting Started with Google+
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